Outdoor gyms are becoming a very popular and indispensable part of modern urban premises, parks, sports centers, rehabilitation centers, jogging courses, military and school facilities, beaches, promenades... Keeping up with the needs of society and new trends in fitness equipment, we have made an effort to carefully research and meet all aspects of the current market. We have invested a lot of time, energy, knowledge and experience consulting the best experts in the field of fitness, ergonomics, esthetics and design, but also new and modern quality ecological technologies and materials.

We are proud of the achieved quality and durability, with more than attractive prices.


Polyurethane integral foam

Polyurethane integral foam is light, ecological material. The surface structure resembles natural skin, is pleasing to touch, waterproof, abrasion proof, and resistant to UV and other outdoor influences. The inner foamy core provides softness and comfort, and the strong and elastic outer hide gives fair appearance, pleasant touch, toughness, resistance to tear and punctuation. The manufacturing process is entirely ecological, as is the very material.

Using the polyurethane foam, we manufacture seats, back supports, rests for arms and legs, punching bags...

Rubber with polyurethane binders

EPDM rubber with polyurethane binders is also a very worthy material. The material is ecological and produced from recycled EPDM rubber and polyurethane binders. The material is resistant to all outer influences and is very tough and elastic. Using this material, we manufacture anti-slip surfaces for trainee support, standing surfaces, and all surfaces that must be non-slippery and have great resistance to abrasion. 

Steel construction

Steel construction is made from the finest steels. We use hydrostatically tested tubes, cold and hot rolled sheet metals. Prochrome (Stainless steel) metal sheets and pluming. For steel cutting, we use modern CNC cutters and benders. All of the steel is coated with special zinc powder, and afterwards plasticized. With auxiliary equipment, we use bearings of the finest quality. Equipment is manufactured from the finest steel profiles and enables long term usage in open spaces.

The attractive look is augmented by permanent plasticization which makes colors durable, more attractive and stable. It is easily installed and requires almost no maintenance.